PotW – Kaitaki Ferry

Interisland Ferry (Kaitaki)

The Kaitaki is the biggest of the 5 or so ferries that cross Cook Strait between Wellington and Picton. If you’re ok with confined spaces below the waterline and travelling with kids, then it also has probably the best Play Space of any of the ferries.

While the BlueBridge ferries offer a free movie, the Kaitaki offers somewhere for the kids to actually burn off energy – particularly useful if you are driving straight off the ferry and down the coast for several hours, as we often do.

The play space is located on Level 2, which is below the vehicle decks. This does actively mean it is at or below the water line (depending how heavily laden the vessel is), and thus there is no natural light (which is good, as it helps you forget where you are). It has a multi-level climbing space, like most good indoor soft play offerings, and there’s even a bar and café upstairs for parents to get a drink or a coffee while they listen for their kids turn to scream.

Not a playground that’s a destination in itself, but a useful thing to know about if you’re planning an inter-island crossing with kids.

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